Avoid any unsightly rubbed tails when your horse is travelling by using a tail guard. Here’s our pick of the ones on the market.

1. HY Equestrian Neoprene Protect Tail Guard

HY Equestrian Neoprene Protect Tail Guard

RRP: £13.99. For stockists: hy-equestrian.com

Colours: navy, black

Sizes: one size

This shock-absorbing tail guard prevents rubbing and offers protection to the tail while travelling, with reinforced neoprene at the base of the tail. This neoprene guard features strong touch-tape fastening straps for easy use.

2. Snuggy Hoods Fleece Tail Guard

Snuggy Hoods Fleece Tail Guard

RRP: 12. Buy at snuggyhoods.com

Colours: burgundy, black, navy, blue heads, red heads, blue shoes, red shoes, leopard

Sizes: XS-XL

This tail guard is made from soft fleece and is thickly padded for maximum tail protection while travelling. The clever design ensures that pressure is distributed evenly. Strong, elasticated straps provide a comfortable, secure fit. It also features rise padding to protect the area at the top of the tail which is most susceptible to rubbing.

3. Woof Wear Tail Guard

Woof Wear Tail Guard

RRP: £19.99 (tail bag £6.99). Buy at woofwear.com

Colours: black, navy

Sizes: one size

Ergonomically designed to protect the dock and keep your horse’s tail looking great. The neoprene material is lined with a plush fabric that helps to hold the tail guard in place, while touch and close straps give a secure fit. A tail bag is available separately to keep the tail clean.

4. Bucas Tail Protector

Bucas Tail Protector

RRP: £18. For stockists: zebraproducts.co.uk

Colours: blue, black

Sizes: one size

The padded material wraps around the dock and offers great protection to your horse’s tail, and the elasticated fastening holds the protector in place. There’s also the added security of a hook and loop feature so that you can attach the tail protector to your Bucas Shamrock Power or Power Cooler to prevent it from slipping down. The integrated tail bag helps keep your horse’s tail clean while he’s travelling.

5. LeMieux Tail Guard with Bag

LeMeiux Tail Guard with bag

RRP: £26.50. For stockists: lemieuxproducts.com

Colours: black, navy, brown

Sizes: one size

A protective Airprene tail guard with elasticated fastenings to ensure a secure fit. This tail guard can be used with or without the detachable waterproof bag, and is ideal for keeping your horse’s tail smart and clean while travelling.

6. Swish Tail Guard

Swish Tail Guard

RRP: £9.99. Buy at swish-equestrian.co.uk

Colours: black, navy

Size: one size

A soft, padded tail guard that is made from cotton and held in place by Velcro straps. This tail guard is nicely shaped to cover the top of the tail and quilted padding protects your horse’s tail while he’s travelling. The straps are elasticated allowing you to get a secure fit.

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