For fast work and jumping, a breastplate provides additional security to hold your saddle in place — it can also be handy to grab in the absence of a neck strap!

Salisbury Five Point Breastplate

RRP £85.99

Colours: Havana, black, Australian nut

Sizes: Pony, cob, full, x-full

A great-looking breastplate with attractive stitching detail. It’s made from padded leather and genuine sheepskin pressure pads which can be removed from cleaning.

This breastplate also has a detachable running martingale attachment and lots of adjustment for a good fit.

Kate Negus Saddlery Leather Breast Girth

RRP from £175

Colours: Black, chestnut

Sizes: Cob, full

A leather breast girth that will help stabilise your saddle from moving backwards. It features a padded leather front portion which fixes to your girth straps on either side of your saddle.

The neck strap has a buckle on each side for greater adjustability to ensure the best possible fit for your horse.

Albion Combination Breastplate

RRP £193.41 (with elastic); £213.45 (without elastic)

Colours: Black, brown

Sizes: Cob, Warmblood

A traditional style of breastplate made from padded leather and with a running martingale attachment. It is available with or without elastic — the round edged elastic allows freedom of movement while minimising the risk of chafing.

This breastplate is fully adjustable for a perfect fit and with buckle fastenings to attach the breastplate to your saddle D-rings.

Mark Todd 5-point Breastplate

RRP £134.98

Colours: Havana, black

Sizes: Cob, full, x-full

Made from soft leather with stainless steel buckles and adjustable running martingale attachment. The sheepskin shoulder pads with elastic inserts ensure your horse is comfortable and help spread pressure over a large surface area.

The top strap fastens with a trigger clip, while the lower strap has a loop for the girth strap.

Equipe BP01 Elastic Breastplate

RRP £232

Colours: Black, brown, red-brown, Newmarket

Sizes: Pony, cob, full

A Y-shape style breastplate with elastic to ensure your horse can move without restriction. Soft padded leather is also used, with brass or stainless steel buckles.

This breastplate comes with a removable running martingale attachment.

Collegiate Hunter Breastplate IV

RRP £94.99

Colours: Black, brown

Sizes: Cob, full, Warmblood

A leather breastplate with running martingale attachment — this style is a popular choice with jump riders to prevent the saddle from slipping backwards.

It’s made from European leather with stainless steel fittings.

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