This beautifully crafted collection of saddles is split into four ranges – dressage, showing, jumping and GP.

Within each range there are a number of models to choose from. For dressage lovers there’s the Precision Mono, Precision Duel and Precision Mono Deluxe.

The showing range has five modern designs which are created to accentuate your horse or pony. Riders can choose from the Precision William, Precision William Cob, Precision Rebecca, Precision Samba and Precision Alex AP.

The Precision Range also has two show jumping saddles, the Precision Duel Jump and Precision Mono Jump as well as a specific working hunter saddle, the Precision WH, which has been designed to look good in the show ring as well as offer stability and comfort for both horse and rider.

The VSD and GP saddles finish up the new range with the Precision GPX, Precision VSD and Precision GP Cob for those wider, harder to fit animals.

The Precision Range features modern designs, whilst still embracing the true tradition and heritage of saddle making. As the name suggests these saddles have been thought about and developed with Precision.