Keep your riding hat in mint condition with the help of these six products.

1. Drybrow hat liners

£6.99 for a pack of 10

Ultra-thin liners that protect the inside of your hat from sweat.

Super absorbent, they stop bacteria creating that hat smell, and make a soft layer between hat and forehead.

2. Whicker hat liner

£9.99 for five liners

This soft liner protects your hat from sweat, smells and stains.

Each liner will last you up to six weeks and sits neatly inside your hat without altering the fit of your helmet.

3. Charles Owen waterproof hat cover


On rainy days or when riding in a dusty arena, this handy hat cover will protect your hat.

It’s easy to fit and suitable to use with Charles Owen riding hats.

4. Nico hat case


This case is made from a hardwearing fabric with ventilation holes to keep your hat from rocking around, reducing the risk of damage.

5. Charles Owen hat cleaner and deodorizer

Keep your hat in fine fettle by spraying the deodorizer onto the hat lining to kill odour-causing bacteria and using the cleaner to remove sweat and dust.

6. Woof Wear riding hat bag


A water-resistant bag designed for hats, skull caps and top hats.

Features a reinforced base and a front pocket to store your hairnet.