Feed brand Dodson & Horrell (D&H) has teamed up with Your Horse on its Fit Not Fat campaign.

Obesity is a major welfare problem facing all equines around the globe. Being overweight has serious health implications for horses and ponies, yet it is easily preventable.

“The health and wellbeing of all horses and ponies is at the heart of everything we do and by partnering with Your Horse on this hugely important campaign, we are here to help and support horse owners in knowing how best to feed their equine friends,” said Lucy Scott, marketing manager at D&H.

“Equine obesity is a serious issue and though there are regularly a number of factors that result in a horse being overweight, including age, breed, level of work and underlying health conditions, their feeding regime also plays a significant part.

“D&H has over 80 years of experience formulating and manufacturing the highest quality horse feeds for all types of horses, including those who struggle to keep off the pounds.”

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Your Horse’s editor, Aimi Clark, added: “Many owners are confident they can spot an obese horse, but identifying a horse who is borderline overweight or somewhere between the two is harder.

“Together with D&H, our Fit Not Fat campaign is working to raise awareness of this ticking health bomb and equip owners and riders with the information they need to improve the health of their horses.”

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