Want to try showing with your horse, but not sure what to wear? Take a look at this simple guide to get you started.

Q: What should I be wearing when I show my horse?

A: Most societies have an outline of presentation and turnout detailed on their websites, so visit these to find out exactly what you need to wear.

One example of what you should be wearing for a show hunter pony class is a tweed jacket and a coordinating velvet hat with a chinstrap.

You’ll need short boots for all 122, 133 and 14cm classes and long boots for any 153cm and intermediate hunter classes.

Underneath the jacket, you’ll be required to wear a plain shirt and coordinating tie.

For girls, make sure your hair is in plaits or a bun or ponytail for any classes up to 143cm.

Any classes above 153cm you’ll need to have your hair in a bun without a ribbon or scrunchie. For all of the above you’ll need a brown cane.