Thinking of buying a horse off the track? Before you do, read tips on buying an ex-racer from expert trainers Fred and Rowena Cook of Equine Management and Training, in Cambridgeshire.

If you’re looking for another horse straight from the track, contacting local trainers is the best way forward. If there’s nothing currently available, most will happily add you to their waiting list. However, if you’re experienced, you could consider buying from a sale (it’s always wise to take someone level-headed and knowledgeble with you for a second opinion). The downside is that you can’t ride a horse before you buy.

There are an increasing number of rehoming centres around the country but, as a generalisation, these tend to have older horses who aren’t necessarily straight out of training. Also, these centres often rehome on a permanent loan basis as opposed to you being the legal owner, and most request a donation. You would need to contact the individual centres to establish the amount you’d be required to donate, as this can vary.

There are also commercial retrainers. These people often have access to horses directly out of training through their connections. So again, make contact with those within your area.

Whatever horse you choose, make sure you:

  • Investigate his history
  • Question any long gaps between races
  • Ask about any long periods between a horse’s last race to him being available for rehoming
  • Look at his veterinary history as there should be no reason why you can’t have access to this

For more information or to contact Fred and Rowena visit www.equine