Are you on the hunt for a new trailer, but not sure where to start? Whether you’re a happy hacker looking to explore a different area, or a seasoned competitor after a snazzy new mode of transport, Ifor Williams Trailers (IWT) has offered their expert insight for choosing the best model for you and your horse, as they launch their latest range.

Tips for buying a new trailer

What should you consider when looking for a new trailer?

Horse owners should ensure that their trailer is the right size for their requirements, and is suitable for their towing vehicle and any licensing constraints. If purchasing second hand, buyers can ensure that the it is not stolen by consulting the IWT Customer Care Team (if it is an Ifor Williams trailer) and The Equipment Register. It is also advisable to have the trailer serviced or checked by a reputable mechanic or authorised IWT Dealer. Ensure that you are aware of all the safety features, which can keep you and your horse safe.

What are the benefits of a single trailer over a double trailer or vice versa?

The HB403 and HBX403 (pictured below), our single-horse trailers are perfect for younger less experienced drivers who are learning to tow with their horses. Also with electric vehicles gaining popularity and minimum weight and aerodynamic drag required to achieve a greater range on a single charge, the single trailers are an excellent option. This also means more vehicles are suitable for towing them. As the stall is wider is a great option for nervous or young horses.

The HB403 by IWT

Should the level I compete at affect my choice of trailer?

The full IWT Horsebox range is designed with you and your horse in mind. This makes them easy to use, tow and more importantly a smooth and comfortable ride for your equine companion, wherever the destination or whatever the event. However, our Eventa or awning specifically designed for the HBX range can be perfect for overnight stays. A little luxury for you and your horse.

Who would benefit from one of the larger trailers with extra storage/living?

We have trailers for every event and purpose. A fun family favourite is the HB610 as it can take up to five ponies The Eventa (pictured below) is also a little bit of luxury for both you and your horse with a living compartment at the front for you and herringbone partitions for up to three ponies in the rear. Or if you fancy camping in style, there is also a specifically designed Kampa awning for the HBX range! More room, storage and some much needed shelter.

The Eventa by IWT

Are some trailers easier to tow than others?

All IWT trailers are designed with ease of towing in mind. This is very much user-preference, but we pride ourselves the ease of use and towing of all our trailers.

What are the benefits of buying a new trailer over a used trailer?

There are three big advantages to buying a new trailer: You get to choose the exact specification you want, You will have a 12-month manufacturer warranty, and there won’t be any unknown history.

Any other advice for buyers?

Do your research! Ensure that you buy a size and specification that meets your requirements and if buying second hand ensure that you do a comprehensive theft and history check to avoid any disappointment. And more importantly, enjoy your trailer!

The HBE by IWT

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