Wintec Saddles are easy-care, hassle-free, lightweight and durable making Wintec the obvious choice for care-free riding. So, whether it’s raining, muddy or hot enough to cool off in the river you can dare to ride anywhere in your weather-proof Wintec saddle!

Designed for your horse’s comfort

As the world’s leading synthetic saddle brand, Wintec Saddles are the most comfortable saddles that you could choose for your horse. While out riding together, you can relax knowing that your horse is enjoying the total comfort of super-soft materials, CAIR Cushion System, a broad even chamber for clearance of their spine and very large bearing surface for their absolute comfort and freedom of movement.

Easy to adjust

Together the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System and the EASY-CHANGE Riser System offer a total fitting solution for your horse’s absolute comfort and your peace of mind. All adjustments are measurable, symmetrical and completely reversible, ensuring total confidence in the ability for your saddle to be custom fitted to your horse’s changing shape for optimal comfort and performance.

Which Wintec All Purpose Saddle is right for you?

Experience unbelievable rider comfort from the first ride. The Wintec All Purpose range is available in a number of different models, colours and sizes to suit every combination and budget.

The top three most popular Wintec All Purpose saddles in the United Kingdom are:

1. Wintec Pro All Purpose with CAIR
A cutting-edge all-purpose saddle for riders who participate in more jumping and prefer greater freedom in the seat.

2. Wintec 2000 All Purpose with CAIR
Ideal for participating in multiple disciplines with its deep seat offering greater support to enable a strong, balanced rider position.

3. NEW WintecLite D’Lux All Purpose with CAIR
At less than half the weight of a traditional leather saddle, and featuring the option to customise the saddles removable cantle. The cantle could be personalised with your horse’s name, or choose the high-visibility reflective cantle (pictured right) for added safety.

These popular models all feature a soft Equi-Suede seat which eliminates any breaking in time for your instantaneous comfort. This suede-like fabric offers a luxurious and ultra-grippy seat to provide you with an added feeling of security and stability. Your position will be further supported in these saddles through the use of the Adjustable Flexibloc system which allows you to tailor your thigh and knee support to suit your preferred riding position.

Whereever you choose to hack, you can be confident that both you and your horse will be comfortable to simply make the most of your time together in an easy-care, Wintec Saddle!

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*While the innovative EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution offers unsurpassed flexibility in achieving an optimal fit, no one saddle can claim to fit every horse. It is recommended that you seek professional advice on selecting the best saddle to meet the unique needs of every horse and rider combination. Global patents and design registrations apply.

Please note: Your Horse magazine recommends that riders always hack out in high-vis.