Putting your pony’s bridle on is the first stage of getting him tacked up and ready for your ride.

Knowing how to put a bridle on can be tricky if you haven’t done it before, so follow our step-by-step guide to get started.

1. Tie your pony up

Have your pony safely tied up outside his stable with a headcollar on and an adult on standby to help you.

2. Prepare his bridle

Make sure that the noseband and the throatlash of your bridle is undone before you start.

3. Undo his headcollar

Slide or undo the noseband of your headcollar (depending on your headcollar) and slip it back so the headcollar sits behind your pony’s ears. He’ll still be tied up, but his head should be free for you to put the bridle on.

4. Stand next to him with the bridle

Stand beside your pony’s neck and hold the bridle in your left hand. Pass the reins over your pony’s neck with your right hand and place both hands on the bridle.

5. Gently put his bit in

You’ll now need to get the bit into your pony’s mouth.

Using your right hand, hold the bridle over his nose and then using your left hand, slide the bit into his mouth.

If he resists, encourage him to open his mouth wider by gently pushing your thumb into the corner of his mouth.

You made need an adult to help with this. As your pony accepts the bit, lift the bridle with your left hand.

6. Put the bridle over his ears

Take the top of the bridle and gently push your pony’s ears through, so the crown of the bridle sits behind his ears and the browband across his brow.

7. Fasten the buckles

When you fasten the throat lash, tilt your hand hold it sideways against your horse’s cheek. If you slip the width of your hand through, that means it’s at the right length.

If your pony has a noseband, make sure there’s enough room to fit a couple of fingers through – otherwise it might be a bit tight.

Watch how to check your pony’s bridle fits