Want to become a sponsored rider, but not sure how? We reveal five ways that you can make yourself stand out from other equestrians and secure sponsorship.

1. Approach a brand that you love.

Remember that you’ll be using and recommending products from your sponsors so it’s important that you like them – can you honestly endorse them?

2. Come across well

When you approach sponsors, you can’t go wrong with a well-written letter or email. Be polite, introduce yourself and outline what you can bring to the table.

3. Be social media savvy

Sorry technophobes, but there’s no getting away from social media if you want to be a sponsored rider.

Brands need to see you promoting their products, and channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are easy ways to do just that.

A lot of brands look for their ambassadors to have a certain number of social media followers before considering them, so build up your following online and regularly post good-quality equestrian content.

4. Be proactive

Show the company you’re committed to them by promoting them on a regular basis – this can be endorsing them to friends, writing about their latest range in an online blog or shouting about your new saddlecloth on your Facebook page.

5. Stay true to yourself

Do you juggle horses with full-time work or being a mum? Tell the sponsors that you’re planning to approach.

It can make you more relatable to their customers and could be what sets you apart from everyone else.

Just Togs needs you!

Feeling inspired? Then we have good news: the team at Just Togs are looking for an enthusiastic brand ambassador to showcase their brand and they want to hear from Your Horse readers.

It doesn’t matter what discipline or level of riding you have. Just Togs is looking for committed equestrians who work or play in the equestrian industry and love its products.

Along with being a Just Togs fan, you’ll need a good online presence with followers who regularly respond to your updates and achievements.

To find out more and apply, visit yourhorse.co.uk/justtogssearch