Using a new app and innovative sensor you can now become more connected to your horse thanks to the team at Fouganza

Finding simple, easy solutions that make riders’ lives easier is what drives the team at Fouganza and their latest innovation, the BE CONNECTED app and thermal sensor, doesn’t disappoint. Designed to let you know if your horse is too hot, too cold or just right under his rug, BE CONNECTED helps you rug up or down accordingly.

How it works

Secured next to your horse’s skin in a special shoulder bib pocket, the BE CONNECTED sensor links to a free mobile phone app via Bluetooth, collecting data when you’re near the sensor (up to 30m without interference). Data collected, it sends an alert to your smartphone when the temperature exceeds the hot and cold thresholds you’ve set. So, in just one click, you can collect and analyse his temperature so that you can choose the most suitable rug for him. The app collects and stores these measurements as often as you choose – every 15 minutes, every hour… and all the info you need is displayed directly on your mobile phone screen.

Tailored technology

Among others, the outside humidity and thickness of your horse’s hairs are two important factors for determining his comfort zone. So, in order to provide reliable information, the BE CONNECTED app takes into account your horse’s hair type (clipped, summer coat or winter coat) and, based on this, it can readjust accordingly.

How to measure your horse’s comfort

Once you have your BE CONNECTED simply download the app for free on your smartphone. You can then create your horse’s profile in just a few clicks, set up how often you want to collect data and follow the evolution of the temperature and moisture of the skin of your

It’s easy to use!

Simply turn on the sensor, insert it into the specially designed pocket on the shoulder bib.
Download the “Fouganza Be Connected” mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Pop the rug on your horse, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and follow the instructions on the app.

Available on the App store in a range of sizes for ponies and horses BE CONNECTED is compatible with iOS and Android devices using iOS 8 or Android 4.3 and later versions with BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy). To find out more visit