Winter turning into spring is an exciting time of year for horse owners and riders. From mild weather to longer days and summer coats, there’s plenty to celebrate.

Nine reasons why riders love spring

1 It’s warmer

Raise you’re hand if you’re fed up with being wet and cold. That’s all of us then. Sure, it’s part and parcel of horse ownership, but it makes the first warm, sunny day all the sweeter.

2 Fewer clothes required

Rising temperatures mean fewer layers of clothing need to be worn and you can start working on your rider’s tan. You know the one we mean — tanned arms and white legs. You’ll want to keep a hoodie and waterproof jacket handy, though, as you know what the British weather is like…

3 The days are longer

No more riding under floodlights and mucking out in the dark. As the evenings stay lighter for longer, it’s more time to get on board and go for lovely long rides or get in a decent schooling session. Or you can just enjoy spending more time with your horse in daylight. Lovely.

4 Less mud

Personally, this is one of our favourites. Goodbye wellies and hello ankle-length yard boots.As the weather improves the fields dry out, bridleways are easier to navigate and use of both increases. No more trudging up and down bogging tracks just to get stuck in the field gateway, or bring your horse in plastered in mud and minus a shoe (or two). More turnout means a happier horse and less mucking out for you too.

5 No more heavy rugs

When they’re wet and covered in mud, handling this staple of your horse’s wardrobe isn’t a lot of fun. Wash and reproof and pack them away for a few months.

6 Save money

Naturally, spending more time in the field means your horse is likely to consume less forage and require less bedding. This is a good thing for the bank balance — a few more pounds to spend on lessons and entry fees, perhaps.

7 Summer coats

Who doesn’t love a glossy summer coat? Sure, we’ve got to get through the moulting stage first (and this is not so fun), but it’s worth it for the summer coat your horse will have at the end. On the plus side, the extra grooming time to help your horse shed his winter coat will be a great way to bond.

8 Cross-country courses open

You know it’s spring when your local cross-country course opens. Oh, how we’ve missed being able to gallop on grass and jumping rustic fences. When can we go?

9 Fun rides start

When these schedules start doing the rounds, it’s another signal that better weather is coming.

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