Make mucking out more of a pleasure than a chore with one of these practical forks.

Krämer Shavings Fork Hektor

RRP £17.90 (handle not included)

Colour: White

A robust manure fork with a basket-shaped head for easy separation of shavings and droppings. Made from a glass fibre reinforced material, a reinforced handle attachment stabilises the fork.

Big Tidee with Long-handled Rake

RRP £32.99

Colours: Pink, purple, sky blue, red, blue, pistachio

The weather-resistant Big Tidee with Long- Handled Rake is designed to make mucking out quick and easy. Perfect to use in the paddock or the stable, the Long-Handled Rake is designed to collect droppings more efficiently. The Tidee Grip makes using the rake more comfortable.

Swedish Fork

RRP £67.50

This shavings fork is strong and yet lightweight, which makes it easy to use. Developed by equestrians in collaboration with a physiotherapist, the ergonomically-designed handle, shaft and head increase comfort and reduce the load on your wrists and shoulders. The fork is well balanced and makes picking up muck almost effortless. It boasts a large bucket- shaped head, meaning that muck doesn’t fall out easily while bedding does.

Ezi-kit Premium Lightweight Chip Fork

RRP £23.99

Colours: Black, blue, pink, green, dark green, orange, grey

Lightweight and easy to handle, the EZI-KIT Chip Fork has an aluminium stem and large-capacity plastic head. The tines are spaced to hold muck securely on the fork while at the same time allowing clean bedding to fall through.

Fynalite Multi Mucka Stable Fork

RRP £35

One fork for all types of bedding — it can be used on chopped straw, wood pellets, wood chip, hemp, paper, cardboard, shavings and straw. It is also great for picking up droppings in the field as the prongs slide easily under the dung without becoming clogged with grass. The Multi Mucka is strong yet lightweight and perfectly balanced to make mucking out less backbreaking.

Harold Moore Shavings Fork

RRP £37

Colour: Lime green, magenta, baby blue, purple

This is a shavings fork with an innovative design that is lightweight and easy to handle. The large, shaped fork head holds muck securely and allows bedding to fall through so that you don’t waste clean shavings. The round edged polypropylene tines won’t puncture rubber matting and are less likely to cause injuries to humans or horses.

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