Watch: Stay safe while hacking with your horse

Love hacking with your horse? Watch our video for top tips on staying safe while out and about with your horse. 

We want you to be safe as you get the most from your hacks so follow these three quick tips if you haven't got time to watch the video:

1. Be seen and protected

Remember your high-vis whether it’s sunny or not this is an essential piece of kit. Also, don’t forget to apply plenty of sun cream to avoid burning in the sun, and apply fly repellent to you and your horse to keep nasty flying bugs at bay if you're hacking in summer.

2. Make some final checks

Checking your tack should be part of your regular routine, but it’s always worth giving it a good look over before hacking out. Check all the stitching on your bridle, stirrup leathers and girth straps is in good order and that the leather isn’t cracked.

3. Stay safe

Always tell someone where you’re going and give an approximate time you’ll be back so people know where you are and when you’re due back. Try to stick to this and if you’re running late, let someone else know.