Watch: How to check the fit of your horse's saddle

The checks you can do at home to assess the fit of your saddle, with advice from SMS qualified saddle fitter, Diana Fisher.  

Looking at the saddle, we're looking for the saddle to be square and in balance in the spot where you're sitting.

If it's tipping down backwards, it's out of balance and puts all the rider's weight on to the back of the saddle and pressure where you don't need it on your horse's back. 

A common problem is to put the saddle on too far forward, which also creates this effect.

If you put the saddle on too far back, this makes the saddle tip forward and brings all the pressure to the front. 

Over the horse's back, you want good clearance from the front to the back of the saddle. If you can't see any clearance, you need to get your saddle fitter out.