Watch: 8 ways to give your horse variety

Add a bit of variety to your horse's day with these eight simple ideas. 

1. Offer your horse different forages such as chopped hay, grasses, alfalfa and herbs and place them in different buckets so he can choose which one he prefers.

2. Split his feed up into individual ingredients. You may find that he really dislikes one ingredient, meaning you may have to change his diet a little to find something he likes.

3. Present your horse’s feed in different buckets, bowls and nets at different heights around his field and stable.

4. Provide multiple water sources. Some horses will guard water especially in the summer, which can mean others are reluctant to go and drink. It’s always best to provide multiple water sources, and also consider using different buckets and troughs too.

5. Take your horse for a walk to browse the hedgerows on a loose leadrope. 

6. Get him foraging. Scatter high fibre nuts, chopped up apples and vegetables in his hay so that he has to forage.

7. Let him try apple bobbing. Start with half a bucket of water and one apple before increasing the depth of water once he’s got the idea.

8. Make a fruit and veg kebab and hang it in his stable or somewhere in his field.