4 Lungeing aids to improve your horse's way of going

Often a hot topic amongst horse owners whether you use a lungeing aid is a personal choice. Whether you decide to use one or not, follow our five golden rules to make sure you choose the right one for your horse:

1.     Make sure your horse is physically able to do what’s being asked of him when you’re lungeing. Using any gadget when he has an underlying problem will only make it worse.

2.     Read the instructions before using the lungeing aid so you know how to fit it correctly and understand how it works. If you’re unsure, ask for advice from your trainer first.

3.     Always start with the aid on the loosest setting so your horse gets used to wearing it. Then adjust it gradually.

4.     Don’t expect miracles. Any lungeing aid will only work if your technique is up to scratch. It’s important to keep your horse moving forwards on the lunge and to work him evenly on both reins.

5.     Keep your lungeing sessions short to avoid the risk of injury and gradually increasing the length of time.

Here’s four lungeing aids, which are all designed to improve your horse’s fitness, suppleness and engagement. 

Classic Dressage lunge aid


An innovative lunge aid that encourages your horse to work over his back, stretching forwards and down naturally. The cotton rope lies over your horse’s back just behind his withers, passing between his front legs and attaching to the bit rings. It only applies pressure when your horse hollows. The pressure is released when he softens and goes correctly.

RRP: £45*

Equiami standard lungeing aid


Correct use of the EquiAmi training aid encourages your horse to work in a soft, round outline. Its unique design places your horse inside a self-centring loop. The positioning of this loop encourages your horse to bring his hind legs underneath his body, to lower his head and shorten his frame. As your horse adopts a more rounded outline, he’s rewarded by the training aid becoming looser. There’s an instructional DVD included to help you get the most out of your EquiAmi.

RRP: £65*

To buy visit www.equiami.com

Pessoa training aid


Developed by showjumper Nelson Pessoa, the Pessoa Training Aid works with your horse helping him to find his optimum balance and rhythm.

The Pessoa creates a fluid contact by a series of ropes and pulleys that encourage your horse to take weight off his forehand, work through his back and bring his hindquarters underneath him. It has a range of settings you can use depending on your horse’s level of fitness and training.

RRP: £149*

To find your nearest stockist visit www.gfsriding.co.uk

Kincade Elastic Chambon Training Strap


This simple elastic strap encourages your horse to lower his head and round his back, strengthening the muscles. It only comes into action if your horse raises his head above his withers. 

RRP: £10.99*

Available from all good tack shops


*prices correct at time of publishing

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