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Find a schoolmaster solution

Refine your skills or simply enjoy riding a different horse. here's our pick of some awesome schoolmaster options:

1 Prestige Training at Summerhouse Equestrian in Gloucester

The perfect choice for progressing your skills at a more advanced level. Training is given by International dressage rider Sara Gallop on schoolmasters ranging from Novice to Grand Prix Dressage, Novice to 1.30m show jumpers and ex Intermediate eventers.
Price £80 (45-minute private lesson with Sara), £75 (45-minute shared lesson – 2-3 people- with Sara)

2 Contessa Riding Centre in Hertfordshire

rider having a lesson

On one of Contessa’s Advanced* schoolmasters you can experience Advanced movements for the first time, or, if you’re a little more advanced yourself, fine-tune your own a horse with the skills to let you do it.
Price £69 (45 minute private lesson), £61 (semi-private 45-minute lesson)
*Riders must have an assessment lesson prior to booking for an Advanced schoolmaster.

3 Oldencraig Equestrian Centre in Surrey

Whatever your level, ability or ambition Oldencraig has a horse for you and this place has facilities to die for! Choose from a Senior or Intermediate instructor for a lesson on a schoolmaster (or your own horse once he’s back in action) or, if you’re more advanced, go for a lesson on one of the centre’s Gran Prix schoolmasters.
Price £75 (1 hour with a Senior instructor), £70 (1 hour with an Intermediate instructor), £105 (45-minute lesson with Vicki Thompson-Winfield on an Advanced schoolmaster)

4 DHI Performance Horses in Lancashire

Well known in the world of dressage and eventing DHI offers training with Jo Wright-Graham who trained with Carl Hester. Riding one of DHI’s superb schoolmasters you can experience advanced movements on one of a selection of top quality horses.
Price and details on enquiry.

5 Gleneagles Equestrian School in Auchterarder, Scotland

Ride horses established in dressage movements such as shoulder-in, travers, renvers and pirouettes or horses who love to jump – a great experience for riders of a suitable level.
Price on enquiry. Private, shared or group lessons of 45 minutes available.

6 Classical Dressage with Sylvia Loch in Suffolk

For confident riders with a well-established independent seat, Sylvia Loch offers
Lesson on her 16hh Lusitano stallion schoolmaster, Prazer*. Sylvia’s lessons are designed to enhance riders’ sense of feel, seat and understanding of weight aids for all the dressage movements up to Advanced levels.
Price First schoolmaster assessment lesson giving Sylvia an overview of your general position and riding £80. A further lesson on Prazer, £70.00
*There is a strict weight limit of 11 stone for Prazer.