Equimat stable mat review

Used by Allison Lowther

Equimat locks together to give a neat and smart appearance

Equimat locks together to give a neat and smart appearance

Used for one year

I never thought I’d get quiet so excited about reviewing rubber matting but having used this matting for a year now – they may not be the cheapest, but they’re worth it!

I’ve used several makes of mat for my horse’s stable over the years and I’ve always dreaded having to lift them to clean out the stable – it was definitely a two-man job.

Not anymore – the Equimat mats are really lightweight and so much easier to handle – now I’m not saying I enjoy the task of lifting them to clean my stable, but it’s definitely no longer such a chore – I can even move them on my own.

The mats I have are the 28mm, which is recommended for horses over 600kg. The greeen mats also brighten up the stable and they interlock like a jigsaw puzzle to give a neat and tidy finish.

Even in a large and oddly shaped stable, Equimat fits neatly and works really well

Even in a large and oddly shaped stable, Equimat fits neatly and works really well

My stable is a bit of an odd shape, but this wasn’t problem to the team at Davies & Co – I sent them a diagram with the measurements on and they cut the mats to fit and even came out to fit them (this does have an additional cost).  Because they were pre-cut it took no time at all and the mats were fitted in no time.

With other mats I’ve found that in warmer weather they expand which has caused the mats to rise up – this hasn’t happened with Equimat – warm weather, cold weather and the mats have stayed the same.

Mucking out is quick and easy – I still use a fair amount of bedding on top of the mats, but they’re easy to sweep and provide an anti-slip surface too.

After a year of use – my horse is in overnight all-year-round  - there are no signs of wear at all.

They’ve recently been lifted for a spring clean and have gone back down easily and without a problem.

RRP £712.18 (for a 12 x 12 stable)*

For more information visit www.davieskett.co.uk

*price correct at time of publishing

More yard products

ComfortStall - the stable flooring of the future

ComfortStall is designed to keep you horse happy and comfortable in his stable

ComfortStall is designed to keep you horse happy and comfortable in his stable

This unique flooring system has been developed to enhance your horse’s health. Haygain, well known for its range of hay steamers, has branched out and launched Comfortstall.

It’s orthopedic, Sealed Flooring System was co-developed with Cornell University Veterinary Hospital and combines three key vet-recommneded components that will benefit both you and your horse.

1. Orthopaedic precision foam forms the heart of Comfortstall. It provides a cushioned and shock-absorbing core to suppor your horse’s joints, tendons and ligaments, resulting in less fatigue for your horse. It alos offers thermal insualtion for warmth, keeping damp to a minimum and providing plenty of give when your horse lies down.

Several layers make up the ComfortStall system

Several layers make up the ComfortStall system

2. The IronClad TopCover provides a stable and durable top layer for yor horse to stand on. This sealed impermeable one-piece top layer prevents the build-up of urea, bacteria and harmful ammonia, meaning better air quality and respiratory health for your horse.

3. HDPE anchor strips complete an impermeable seal that keeps your stabl eclean and prevents a build-up of ammonia and harmful bacteria.

Using ComfortStall can help you to reduce the amount of bedding your use and make mucking out quicker and easier. Less bedding will help you save money, and the team at Haygain claim you  should see a return on your investment in less than a year.

RRP £1,900 for a 12ft x 12ft stable including delivery*

*price correct at time of publishing

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Tabanus Traps could make your yard a horsefly free zone

Horseflies may not look too threatening, but their bites can be extremely painful to both  animals and humans.

What makes horseflies particularly dangerous are the diseases they can transmit with their sting: EIA virus, which can trigger contagious anaemia, herpes and the tularaemia (rabbit fever). Some horseflies even carry Borelia, which cause Lyme disease. Although this rarely happens, it's mistakenly believed that Lyme disease you can only catch this disease through a tick bite.

Horseflies are quite clever and will land on your horse where he can't reach them with his tail, this is where he becomes reliant on your help to keep these pests away. 

Many owners will use chemical products such as insecticides to keep horseflies at bay. Others swear by home-made remedies that allegedly drive off the insects. In reality, the effect of these products is minimal and can only prevent the horseflies from bloodsucking. Also, only a few commercially available active ingredients have actually been tested on horses, so the effects can at best be presumed. In the worst case, such remedies may trigger allergies.

The Tabanus Trap can be put in your horse's field to keep horseflies away

The Tabanus Trap can be put in your horse's field to keep horseflies away

A simple and effective solution

At the heart of the trap is a black rubber bar suspended in the sun. The black ball heats up quickly and is mistaken by the horseflies for a warm-blooded creature. Above the ball, a close-meshed funnel is suspended, which becomes narrower towards the top. At the top is a waster filled capture container. 

the trap makes use of the horsefly's ability to fly - they can only fly off vertically. After a few bite attempts the fly realises there is no blood coming out and tries to fly away. Since it can only fly up, it's led by the funnel into the capture container, which it can't escape from. Such a simple idea, that's amazingly effective.

The Tabanus Trap is a flagship model from VOSS. The post can be quickly and easily mounted anywhere, even on rocky soil. This system allows for frequent repositioning of the trap in your horse's paddock or stable yard. It work effectively over an area of 2.5 acres.

There are a number of other models available to suit your own individual requirements and budgets.


The Tabanus Edge has all the same features as the original Tabanus trap.

It's just a slightly simpler version of the original trap and is a little cheaper too.

It's still easily moved so you can put it where you need it to deal with the problem of horseflies quickly and efficiently.  




The Tabanus Easy is good option to hang in your stable yard, or if you have trees in your paddock it can put up there instead. 

It works in the same way as all the other traps in the range and can reduce the problem of horseflies by up to 95%. 





Tabanus Delta is quick and easy to set up, thanks to its three legs that form a secure frame.

You can quickly move the trap in your field, with minimal effort. Despite its size it works over an area 7,500 square metres.




You can only buy Tabanus Traps at www.eletric-fence.co.uk

VOSS electric fence are electric fence experts with over 35 years experience and over 1,000 products available. for more information you can email them at shop@electric-fence.co.uk, or call them on 01452 346204 for a chat. 

The Sküp

Sküp feed scoop

This unusual looking feed scoop brings the traditional feed scoop bang up to date.

It has teeth for breaking up compacted feed and the elongated shape means you can reach into the corner of your feed bins with ease.

This scoop has a measuring guide for accurate and consistent feeding, and the handle has an integrated thumb rest for grip and comfort.

They're also available in a range of great colours to brighten up your feed room. 

Price £9.50*

*price correct at time of publishing

Fynalite Sweepster Broom

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

I’m a big fan of corn brooms, and this Sweepster broom is a modern version that’s lightweight and easy to use.

The handle is a good length, so it encourages you stay in good posture as you sweep up (no more slouching!).

I’ve been using mine for five months and although the odd bit of plastic does break off the broom still has plenty of life left in it - it’s certainly proving to be more durable that a corn broom and it’s just as effective at sweeping up in the wet as the dry.

It's great that you can change the stiffness of the broom by moving the plastic ring up or down the broom and I also like the fact that you can wash it - handy!

A normal corn broom is usually around £10 and I've found that they tend to last approximately three to four months. At £17.50 the Sweepster offers great value for money - it's showing no signs of wear so far.

PRICE*:  £17.50


* Price at time of publishing - April 2016



Fynalite Sweepster Broom