The Sküp

Sküp feed scoop

This unusual looking feed scoop brings the traditional feed scoop bang up to date.

It has teeth for breaking up compacted feed and the elongated shape means you can reach into the corner of your feed bins with ease.

This scoop has a measuring guide for accurate and consistent feeding, and the handle has an integrated thumb rest for grip and comfort.

They're also available in a range of great colours to brighten up your feed room. 

Price £9.50*

*price correct at time of publishing

Wave fork

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

Lightweight and easy to use this fork makes mucking out a little easier and helps you save on bedding to.

The long handle ensures you don’t bend too much which I found meant that my back didn't ache as much after mucking out two stables a day seven days a week.

You can easily shake off clean bedding, saving you throwing out clean shavings.

It's easy to use on rubber matting or with a shavings bed.

It took a bit of getting used to compared to my old fork, but it’s become my favourite mucking out tool.

Price*: £39.95

*Price at time of publishing - April 2016

The Wave Fork from Noble Outfitters

Fynalite Sweepster Broom

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

I’m a big fan of corn brooms, and this Sweepster broom is a modern version that’s lightweight and easy to use.

The handle is a good length, so it encourages you stay in good posture as you sweep up (no more slouching!).

I’ve been using mine for five months and although the odd bit of plastic does break off the broom still has plenty of life left in it - it’s certainly proving to be more durable that a corn broom and it’s just as effective at sweeping up in the wet as the dry.

It's great that you can change the stiffness of the broom by moving the plastic ring up or down the broom and I also like the fact that you can wash it - handy!

A normal corn broom is usually around £10 and I've found that they tend to last approximately three to four months. At £17.50 the Sweepster offers great value for money - it's showing no signs of wear so far.

PRICE*:  £17.50

* Price at time of publishing - April 2016



Fynalite Sweepster Broom

Sunburst Horse Solariums from DriMee

The Sunburst Horse Solariums from DriMee are ideal for use before exercise to warm up your horse’s back muscles, and after to break down lactic acid which can cause his muscles to tighten. It can also be used quickly dry your horse after washing.

There are four different sizes, two of which are so light they can be used when you're on the road.

For more information visit

Price £399

Sunburst Horse Solariums from DriMee

Battles Weelie Pink Barrow


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Features: Battles Weelie Pink Barrow is a light multi-purpose rust-free wheelbarrow with a reinforced ribbed design for extra strength and inflatable tyres. It has a low centre of gravity and good weight distribution when loaded enabling good manoeuvrability and balance when on the move. 
Material: Polypropylene pan.
Size: 90 litres
Colour: Pink
Stockists: Battles 01522 529206 or

Whitaker Equestrian Products Tipping Wheelbarrow


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Features: Whitaker Equestrian Products Tipping Wheelbarrow - huge two-wheel barrow can easily carry more than one bale of hay, shavings, etc. It has a manual tipping action. To empty, either hold the wheel down with your foot and pull the pan up and over, or, tip the barrow up by the handles as normal then the weight and gravity will tip the pan over itself. The tyre is inflatable and there are two support legs to keep the barrow square when standing. 
Material: Polypropylene.
Size: 255 litres
Colours: Blue or green.
Stockists: Whitaker Equestrian 01844 202 151

Equine Speedskip


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Features: The Equine Speedskip speeds up the mucking out process. With its Easygrab rake it reduces bedding wastage and is brilliant on paddocks and manège surfaces. The Speedskip is ergonomically designed to reduce elbow and back strain, has a wide opening for ease of filling and greater holding capacity. It improves health and safety in the workplace.

Colours: Available in a range of colours.

Contact: or call 01989 769435.

Rutland ESB 200 Battery Fence Energiser

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Features: The Rutland ESB 200 Battery Fence Energiser is a wet battery-powered energiser. 1.6 stored joules. Ideal for strip grazing sheep on reel systems and electric nets. Battery saver switch slows energiser during the hours of darkness, extending battery life. Pulse indicator light and low battery indicator light. Recommend using 12v 80Ah leisure battery.