Four innovative saddlecloths

Ensuring your horse's tack fits him will mean he's comfortable and happy to work. You probably already have your saddle fit checked twice a year and monitor the fit of your bit and bridle, but you need to check the fit of your saddlecloth too. 

Here, we've picked four of the most innovative saddlecloths which have been designed to keep your horse comfortable when he's working. 

HRP dressage pad

HRP Dressage Mono WING saddle pad

This saddle pad has been scientifically proven to put not pressure on your horse behind his saddle and allows him to move freely through his back. The pad sits right up into the gullet of your saddle to give clearance along the spine. This pad also has a Thorax pad for comfort around the girth area.

Price £115.95*

Bucas max pad

Bucas Max saddle pad

From the popular rug manufacturer, these pads are lined with the Bucas anti-bacterial Stay-Dry fabric which will help to remove sweat and moisture from your horse's back so he stays comfortable. the saddle pad is available in dressage or jumping styles.

Price £48*

Husk Breathe saddlecloth

The Husk Pure GP Breathe saddlecloth

Made from a three dimensional material allows air to flow freely between the layers helping to regulate your horse's temperature as he works. As well as being fully breathable it also absorbs shock keeping your horse comfortable whatever work he's doing. 

Price £75*

Back On Track pad

Back On Track saddle pad

This therapy pad has ceramic particles fused into the fibres of the fabric. this causes long wave infra-red heat to radiate back towards your horse's body, this increases blood circulation, which can ease tension and warm muscles.

Price £61*