The Equi-Soft girth from Stubben

Equi-Soft girth from Stubben

With more focus being placed on the importance of a correctly fitting girth to ensure your horse is as comfortable as possible. There are a growing number of innovative girths designed to help your horse including the Equi-Soft girth from Stubben.

Quite different from other girths, this one has been designed to follow the contours of your horse’s body to keep him comfortable and eliminate the problem of pinching. The elastic rings in the middle of the girth distribute pressure evenly across your horse when fastened. This unique design also allows your horse to expand and contract his ribcage without restriction during exercise adding to his comfort. Testing of the girth showed all horses maintained a lower heart rate when wearing this girth.

It’s available in dressage or GP style, and the girth cover can be changed quickly and easily. You can choose from leather, neoprene or lambskin depending on what your horse prefers. 

Price £210