QHP Saddle Pads

QHP saddle pads

Wow, check out this amazing selection of saddle pads. 

You can't help but want to start your matchy, matchy wardrobe when you see all the fantastic colours.

Whether you want to keep the colours toned down, or you want to really stand out from the crowd these saddle pads will brighten up a winter day.

With complementary products available for horse and rider including boots, bandages, ear bonnets, socks and gloves.

The QHP saddle pads are available in over 20 colours and cost £29.99

Order online at www.rbequestrian.co.uk

Childéric Short Stud Guard Girth

Childeric short stud guard girth

This stunning girth combines protection and performance.

Styled in soft buttery leather, the anatomically designed features softly padded edging for comfort and is cut to allow the girth to sit in the correct position, without catching your horse around the sensitive area behind the elbow.

This design also helps eliminate the possibility of trapping venerable muscles, whilst the Velcro leather wraps hide away the triple thick elasticated buckles neatly when in use.

This girth is available in three leather colours; Irish, Black and Master 

Price £300

For more information visit www.childericsaddles.co.uk

Equithème Luxe Saddle Pad

This smart and practical saddle pad is suitable for competition and everyday use.

Equitheme Luxe saddle pad

It's lined entirely with soft touch synthetic sheepskin making it an ideal choice if your horse has sensitive skin.

Inside there’s 10mm of foam padding to provide optimum comfort between your horse and saddle.

It also has self-gripping straps and girth loops.

Price £33.90

Fairfax Classic saddles

Fairfax Classic saddles

This new range of traditional two-flap saddles from Fairfax saddles features a GP, jump and dressage model.

Designed for the discerning competition rider. They’re made in England from super-soft oiled butt and first-selection full grain hide with highly-cushioned knee rolls for support and comfort.

The Classic range features the SimaTree adjustable gullet to ensure a perfect width fit as your horse changes shape with fitness, rest or age and British wool flocking means that fine-tuning adjustments can be made on-site by a saddle fitter. 

Price £1,490 for the GP, £1,690 for Jump and Dressage*

Four of the most innovative girths

All designed with your horse's comfort in mind. Here's four of the most innovative and modern girths available.

Stubben Equi-soft girth

Stübben Equi-Soft girth

A modern looking girth designed to follow the contours of your ors's body to eliminate the problem of pinching. 

The elastic rings in the middle of the girth distribute pressure evenly across your horse and allows him to expand and contract his ribcage without restriction.

The girth cover can be changed and is available in neoprene, lambskin or leather

Price £210*

Styles Dressage, GP

TSF Stretchtec Shoulder Relief girth

TSF Stretchtec Shoulder Relief girth

This short girth incorporates a central triangular elastic section that helps it to conform to your horse's barrel and provides additional expansion for breathing.

Perfect for hard to fit horses and sensitive types needing maximum breathing room.

The anatomical cut helps position the saddle well back from the shoulders and ensures the girth doesn't interfere with the elbows.

Price £158*


Amerigo Protector Dressage girth

The unusual shape of this girth has a number of benefits. 

Amerigo Protector dressage girth

The large distributing pad is designed to spread pressure onto the sternum, rather than onto the more sensitive rib cage.

The unique contoured shape is designed to prevent elbow rubs - it's made from soft calfskin leather and has elastic on each side for a closer fit. 

Price £305*

Fairfax Performance girth

Fairfax Performance short girth

This girth was developed using pressure testing and gait analysis. It's backed up by scientific evidence proving that it can apply less pressure than some other girths and improve your horse's range of movement. 

It's lined with Prolite, a unique material that distributes pressure, absorbs impact and prevents rubbing.

It also has a Prolite cushioned zone which allows muscle to slide under the girth rather than blocking it, making it more comfortable for your horse. 

Price £220 (short), £240 (long)*

*Prices correct at time of publishing



ANKY Saddle pads

Anky saddle pad and bandages

If you're keen for your horse to look bang on trend this summer, then look no further than the fabulous ANKY Saddlepads and matching bandages that are available in a range of great colours for the season ahead.

The ANKY Saddle Pad has a silicone grip print on both sides to prevent your saddle from slipping, while a breathable Coolmax lining help to keep your horse comfortable when he's working hard. 

To complete the whole matchy, matchy look there's matching fleece bandages too. 

Anky summer colours

Colours: Denim blue, desert palm, poppy red, blue marlin, pretty pink, gipsy grey, sparkling silver

Price £49.95 to £54.95 (saddle pad), £27.50 (set of 4 bandages)*

*prices correct at time of publishing

JHL Super Faux Sheepskin range

JHL Faux sheepskin range

These stylish products are part-lined with luxurious faux sheepskin which is comfortable against your horse's skin and also offers a level of protection.

This smart looking range is all machine washable on a cool cycle, making it easy to keep them clean.

In this range there’s a saddlepad and half pad available in black or white - ideal for competition or everyday use.

There’s also a headcollar that comes in cob and full size and you can chose from black, navy or cerise. 

Price £16.99* (half pad), £22.99* (saddlepad), £9.99* (headcollar)

*prices correct at time of publishing

Four innovative saddlecloths

Ensuring your horse's tack fits him will mean he's comfortable and happy to work. You probably already have your saddle fit checked twice a year and monitor the fit of your bit and bridle, but you need to check the fit of your saddlecloth too. 

Here, we've picked four of the most innovative saddlecloths which have been designed to keep your horse comfortable when he's working. 

HRP dressage pad

HRP Dressage Mono WING saddle pad

This saddle pad has been scientifically proven to put not pressure on your horse behind his saddle and allows him to move freely through his back. The pad sits right up into the gullet of your saddle to give clearance along the spine. This pad also has a Thorax pad for comfort around the girth area.

Price £115.95*

Bucas max pad

Bucas Max saddle pad

From the popular rug manufacturer, these pads are lined with the Bucas anti-bacterial Stay-Dry fabric which will help to remove sweat and moisture from your horse's back so he stays comfortable. the saddle pad is available in dressage or jumping styles.

Price £48*

Husk Breathe saddlecloth

The Husk Pure GP Breathe saddlecloth

Made from a three dimensional material allows air to flow freely between the layers helping to regulate your horse's temperature as he works. As well as being fully breathable it also absorbs shock keeping your horse comfortable whatever work he's doing. 

Price £75*

Back On Track pad

Back On Track saddle pad

This therapy pad has ceramic particles fused into the fibres of the fabric. this causes long wave infra-red heat to radiate back towards your horse's body, this increases blood circulation, which can ease tension and warm muscles.

Price £61*

Anky Saddle Pads

Anky saddlepads

You can never have too many saddle pads, right? Well, if you love your horse to be wearing the latest colours, you'll be pleased to hear there are two new limited edition ANKY pads available so you can top up your collection. 

These great high-quality pads have a moisture wicking and breathable Coolmax lining, which is very comfortable for your horse. The soft filling keeps the saddle perfectly in place and provides an even pressure distribution. The silicone print on top of the pad contributes to a more stable saddle position as well.

The ANKY Saddle Pad 3D Dots print (top picture) is made of synthetic suede featuring metallic printed dots. You can choose from dressage or jumping. It's available in black or green. 

Price £57.95 *

The ANKY Saddle Pad Powder Print (bottom picture) has a synthetic suede outer with a powder print for an elegant look. It's available for dressage and jumping in the colours cognac and sand. 

Price £57.95 *

To find your nearest retailer visit www.anky-atc.com

* Prices correct at time of publishing

Stirrups to improve your riding position

Your pair of stirrups don't just help you feel secure in the saddle, many modern and high-tech stirrups will help improve your leg position in the saddle. Some even support and ease joint pain too. Here's four pairs to consider if you're planning on buying new ones. 

Stubben STEELtec Maxi stirrups

stubben stirrups

These smart and lightweight stirrups are made from aluminium alloy. They have a high arch for safety and large, slightly inclined pyramid tread for a secure grip and comfortable position. 

Price £164.50*

Flex-On Balance stirrups

Flex on stirrups

Ultra lightweight and strong, these moder looking stirrups have an offset and skewed stirrup-leather slot, as well as a carefully designed, inclined footbed to help you maintain a correct leg position with minimum effort. They also have elastomer shock absorbers for comfort, and small studs in the tread grip to hold your boot securely in the stirrup.

Price £145*

For further details and to order visit www.shadowhorse.co.uk

Tekna Flex-Tek stirrups

Teckna stirrups

These sleek looking stirrups come with the option of two different foot treads (rubber or metal) which allows you to select which one is most comfortable for you while you're riding. they're lightweight and flexible to help ease aching joints and generally keep you comfortable whether your out for a long hack or schooling at home. 

Price £44.99*

prenger bow Balance stirrups

Sprenger stirrups

A popular choice to help you maintain a secure position in the saddle, these stirrups feature Sprenger's System 4 technology. They cleverly stretch four ways to help reduce pressure on your knees and ankles. The bow shape also makes them easy to find - a simple touch of your foot on the stirrups and it turns onto your foot. They also have a wide rubber tread for security.

Price £172*

* Prices correct at time of publishing

A touch of colour to your saddle


Buy a bespoke saddle from the Sue Carson Saddles range and you'll now have the added option to add a back cantle in any colour of leather for a gorgeous individual appearance.

All Sue Carson Saddles are handcrafted in the UK using only the very highest quality materials and each is individually measured and fitted to both your horse and you to ensure you can both perform to your best.

So will your choice be a patriotic red, white or blue, perhaps a deep, rich purple with swarovski crystals or sumptuous, opulent gold? With a range of dressage, jumping, show, pony or GP saddles and a rainbow of colours to choose from, your next saddle will not only be a perfect fit for you and your horse, it will look completely unique too.

New bespoke saddles are priced from £2700, which includes initial and final fittings. Contact the Sue Carson Saddles office to find out more and discuss your ideas on 01629 540343 or visit www.suecarsonsaddles.co.uk

The Equi-Soft girth from Stubben

Equi-Soft girth from Stubben

With more focus being placed on the importance of a correctly fitting girth to ensure your horse is as comfortable as possible. There are a growing number of innovative girths designed to help your horse including the Equi-Soft girth from Stubben.

Quite different from other girths, this one has been designed to follow the contours of your horse’s body to keep him comfortable and eliminate the problem of pinching. The elastic rings in the middle of the girth distribute pressure evenly across your horse when fastened. This unique design also allows your horse to expand and contract his ribcage without restriction during exercise adding to his comfort. Testing of the girth showed all horses maintained a lower heart rate when wearing this girth.

It’s available in dressage or GP style, and the girth cover can be changed quickly and easily. You can choose from leather, neoprene or lambskin depending on what your horse prefers. 

Price £210

Contact www.stuebben.com

Mountain Horse SCS3 Quick Release stirrup


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Features: Stainless steel stirrups with a removeable rubber tube that can release in the event of a fall, and a 5 deg backward incline to help maintain a ‘heels down’ foot position. The tread is ribbed, with an incline, and designed to interact with the SCS3 boots for improved grip (they were used with our tester’s own boots).

Sizes: 110mm, 120mm

Stockists: 01462 432596 or www.horsemasters.co.uk