Hi-vis for your horse

You may not always feel hi-vis is necessary, especially now the days are longer and the weather is better, but making the effort can mean the difference between life or death.

Wearing hi-vis gives vehicle drivers three seconds of extra reaction time. Although there's currently no law to ensure you and your horse wear hi-vis we'd always recommend you do, not just because drivers will see  you sooner, but you'll be seen when you ride off-road too. 

Here's a selection of hi-vis wear for your horse to wear that suitable for all year round. 

HyVIZ Bridle Set.JPG

HyVIZ bridle set

This three-piece set fits neatly onto your bridle. Fluorescent with bright silver retro-reflective tape for additional safety and clear visibility.

Price £7*


HyVIZ leg bands

HyVIZ Leg Bands

These bands fit neatly around your horse's legs or over boots. Fluorescent with silver retro-reflective tape for safety. These durable leg bands have a mesh lining to prevent your horse getting hot, and fasten with two strong velcro straps. 

Price £8*

Golly Galoshes

Golly Galoshes

Golly Galoshes, not only keep your horse’s legs and boots clean and dry but their reflective and fluorescent versions, also offer great visibility when out hacking.

Because Golly Galoshes are breathable, waterproof they can be worn comfortably over your horse's boots or on their own.

From £26.99 per pair*

Parsons Rump.JPG

Parsons Rump

A simple and effective design that’s perfect for summer riding. It incorporated fluorescent webbing and Reflexite tape to ensure you’re clearly visible. Quick and easy to attach to your saddle and much lighter than an exercise sheet.

Price from £16.50*

Mark Todd reflective sheet

Mark Todd Reflective Exercise Sheet

A waterproof and breathable sheet with soft fleece lining, this high-viz exercise sheet combines a wrap-around design providing both warmth and protection from the elements.


V-Bandz mesh sheet

V-Bandz mesh quarter sheet

A breathable sheet that’s made from a lightweight mesh that won’t make your horse sweat. It attaches to your saddle to hold it securely in place.





V-Bandz legbands

V-Bandz Deluxe legbands

Fluorescent and reflective protection. These legbands can be worn on their own or over boots. The top surface of the legbands are wipe clean for convenience, although they can of course be machine washed. The tapes are sewn onto a quilted material which means they are very comfortable for the horse to wear.

Price £12.99*

Harry Hall high vis brushing boots

Harry Hall Hi Viz brushing boots

These Hi Viz Brushing Boots are the perfect protection for your horse when riding out. The bright fluorescent and reflective neoprene boots will ensure your horse is always seen for maximum safety. The strong hook and loop provides a reliable and durable fastening.



Harry Hall Hi Viz fly veil


Harry Hall Hi Viz Fly Veil

The ultimate safety product for your horse. Crafted from mesh fabric, it prevents the horse from becoming agitated but provides the right amount of fit to avoid slippage. The fluorescent fabric ensures that your horse will always be seen.

Price £13*

Equisafety leg boots

Equisafety reflective Hi Vis leg boots

These boots can be fitted over brushing boots. They are made from a strong and durable, yet soft, black waterproof fabric with two 2” fluorescent and reflective bands stitched on top of each boot.

Price £11.99*

Equisafety neck band

Equisafety Reflective horse neck band

If your horse has a high head carriage whilst out hacking we would advise you to wear a neck band. The horses head may hide your jacket or waistcoat from cars coming from the front. Fully adjustable by touch & close fastenings underneath the chest. Wipe clean

Price £17.99*

Woof Wear reflective boots

Woof Wear Club Reflective brushing boot

A classic brushing boots with the addition of high visibility straps to ensure your horse is clearly visible in low light.

Price £31*

Rambo Reflective Night Rider boots

Rambo Reflective Night Rider boots

Brushing boots made from a highly reflective material. Quick closure system a single fastening.

Price £24.95*


*prices correct at time of publishing