Charles Owen Pro II skull riding hat review


A review of the Charles Owen Pro II skull riding hat by Your Horse Online Editor and Writer, Amy

Safety standards: Kitemarked to PAS015:2011, kitemarked and CE marked to VG1 01.040 2014-12, and certified by SEI to ASTM F1163.

£144.99 RRP

I’ve had this hat from Charles Owen for around two months now. Although it’s a bit more than what I’d usually spend on a riding hat, I think it was well worth the investment (after all – you only have one head!).

Thankfully, I’m yet to fall off and test it to its full capabilities (not that I really want to), but so far, the hat has been comfortable to wear and fits really well, helping me to feel confident and well protected, even when my mare is being a bit of a loony.

The hat itself is lightweight with a low profile. It also has lots of ventilation, which has been ideal given all the warm weather we’ve been having recently – sweaty hat hair? No thank you!

There’s slots for ventilation at the front and back of the hat to allow air to flow, with added anti-microbial protection to protect from sweat and odour. If you really want to keep super cool, the silver and gold versions of the hat also reflect heat – I decided to opt for the silver.

If gold or silver aren’t really your thing, the hat also comes in black, pink or navy, meaning there’s something for everyone.