4 of the best body protectors

As voted for by the Your Horse magazine readers, here's their pick of the best body protectors and why they rate them.

Airowear Outlyne

1. Airowear Outlyne

Reviewed by: Cheryl Towers-Hawley

Used for 1 year

Worn every time I ride

This body protector is designed for women and is so comfortable to wear and not at all bulky. the design is shaped in all the right places for my body shape and the good range of sizes it's avail in means you ge the best possible fit. I'm short in the back and have struggled with body protectors catching on the back of my saddle, but this one is just perfect. There's also plenty of adjustment so you can get a comfortable fit every time. 

It's so lightweight, I don't know I'm wearing it and I it helps me sit up nice and straight when I'm riding too. 

Price £88.62 to £104.06*

Racesafe Provent 3.0

2. Racesafe PROVENT 3.0

Reviewed by Krista Chapman

Used for 1 year

Worn for jumping and cross-country

I'd tried several other body protectors before picking this one. I find this one from Racesafe fits my body well without it feeling too bulky or restrictive.

It's light, comfortable, flexible and allows me to move freely. 

I honestly forget that I'm wearing ti. I love it so much that I recommend it to a friend who's bought one and loves it too. 

Price £205*

Racesafe RS2010

3. Racesafe RS2010

Used by Lucy Collins

Used for 1 year

Worn every time I ride

This body protector fits really well and the zip-up style makes it easy to put on. I find it lightweight and the individual hinged sections allow the body protector to flex and move with you, so you don't feel restricted. 

It wasn't the cheapest, but it's worth every penny.

Also, a really big plus point for me is that, being only 5ft tall, the different sizes and back lengths available mean I could actually find a body protector that fits me well and allows me to move freely in the saddle.

Price £190*


4. Rodney Powell Superflex Contour

Rodney Powell Superflex

Reviewed by Terri-Ann Parry

Used for 1 year

Worn every time I ride

It was the fit and shape of this body protector that influenced my purchase. It's so comfortable to wear, I don't know I'm wearing it. Other body protectors I've had have been quite bulky and restrictive. This one is the complete opposite, it follows the contours of my body so it doesn't restrict my movement on or off my horse.

It's easy to sue and has plenty of adjustment at the sides and shoulders so you can fit it perfectly 

The waterproof outer is a good addition.

Price £205*

*Prices correct at time of publishing