The horse’s sense of smell distinguishes danger from safety. Reactions are instant. The smell of Adrenalin can trigger flight-fight. The smell of Oxytocin can trigger calmness & sociability, whilst retaining the ability to react immediately if & when required. Oxytocin is also known to create long-lasting benefits to health by influencing other health-giving transmitter systems & lowering cortisol levels & blood pressure.

Pax is a unique mixture of aromatic herbs which imitate the scent of Oxytocin. Pax is worn as a scent on the person, not the horse; thus not only promoting instant sociability in the horse without causing lethargy but also causing a bond with that person. PAX makes even good horse people – better horse-people.

With dangerously unapproachable horses or stereotypical behaviours, Pax Aromatic can also be sprayed into the stable or travelling box to instantly calm the horse before you approach. Pax is the Holy Grail which trainers of race horse’s & competition horses seek. PAX is 100% safe and beneficial for all competition from top class racing to lead rein ponies.  

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