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Perfect your position


Welcome to our exciting new series, where top event rider, Piggy French passes on her training advice to help you improve your horse's way of going and boost your skills in the saddle. 

This six month series will cover lots of different topics and by the final part you'll be ready to go out and rider a dressage test and jump confidently around a course of show jumps.

If you don't compete,  there's still plenty for you too. Try Piggy's exercises and you'll feel more confident in the saddle and your horse will be happier too.

Piggy and the absolutely fabulous Cooley Monsoon!

Piggy and the absolutely fabulous Cooley Monsoon!

In the first part, Piggy explained why a secure and balanced position in the saddle is so important and how it can help to boost your confidence. 

Just getting into the routine of assessing your position each time you ride, or asking a friend to video you are both great ways to ensure you're riding as well as you possibly can.

How you sit in the saddle has a huge influence on your horse. The more balance you are in the saddle, the better your horse will move.


Piggy introduces us to Cooley Monsoon

As well as showing you the exercises she uses to keep her own position as perfect as possible, Piggy also introduces us to the horse she's riding. 

Find out more about the gorgeous Cooley Monsoon and which famous actress and comedy writer owns him by watching the video below.


Achieve a secure lower leg position

There's nothing worse than a wobbly lower leg position, if you can't keep your lower leg in the correct position you won't feel secure in the saddle. 

Try Piggy's exercise, shown in the video below to work on achieving a good, secure lower leg.


Perfect your jumping position

A good jumping position will help your horse have the freedom to jump and cleanly.

Watch our slow motion footage of Piggy and Cooley Monsoon jumping, and how your position alters at each phase of the jump.