Noble Outfitter Perfect Fit riding glove review

Noble Outfitters Perfect fit glove.jpg

Used by Allison Lowther

Used for six months

These have become my go-to pair of gloves for riding on a daily basis. They're so comfortable to wear and so lightweight you don't know you're wearing them.

They fit like a second skin, but the back of the glove is nice and stretchy, so they give you freedom of movement and aren't at all restrictive.  

I've found them a great glove to use in warmer weather, my hands don't get too hot even when I'm schooling and working hard. 

They give a really good feel and grip on the reins too.

Because these have become a firm favourite, they've been washed a lot, but they dry really quickly, which is another plus point. 

The only negative I have is that the material on the back of the glove does snag easily - which means they do look well worn. However, I still really like them and there's not signs of wear on the palm. 

RRP £19.95*

*price correct at time of publishing

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