Improve your position with the Posture Shirt

The Posture Shirt 2.0 from Active Posture is medically approved – it’s inspired by kinesio taping and has been developed by an international team of doctors and physiotherapists.

Your Horse magazine deputy editor Allison Lowther has been using the Posture Shirt 2.0 for six months - here’s how she got on using it.

The NeuroBands in the Posture Shirt gently remind you to sit up.

The NeuroBands in the Posture Shirt gently remind you to sit up.

The shirt uses NeuroBands on the back that contain different elasticity levels, naturally mirroring your own muscles.

This lines up your back, shoulder and neck joints to give you better overall posture without you even realising.

It took a little while to get used to wearing the shirt, but I do feel my posture and position has improved since using it. Also, my trainer isn’t telling me to ‘sit up’ during my lessons - that’s progress!

The fit of this shirt is critical. It’s designed to be a close fit, but it doesn’t hold you in a fixed position and you can still move without restriction. I felt a slight pull across my shoulders, in my uppers back and down my shoulder blades – it’s like a gentle reminder to sit up straight and maintain my posture.

After wearing the top for a while, I can feel heat in this area too – don’t be alarmed, this is apparently quite normal and is a sign my muscles are activating. This sensation has reduced the more I’ve worn the shirt, which means my muscles are getting used to being in their new, correct position.

The material of the shirt wicks away moisture and has vented mesh panels – however, I did get hot wearing this shirt. This means it has been washed a lot, but it washes well and dries quickly.

I’ve really felt the benefit of wearing the Posture Shirt 2.0 and highly recommend it. Justifying the cost is tricky – however after six months of use the shirt still looks great and is still having a positive effect on my position in the saddle. 

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