Your Horse readers embrace the snow

Us horse owners are a hardy lot, as you've all been proving on social media today. No 'Beast from the East' is going to stop Your Horse readers from enjoying time with their horses - as these guys show! 


The news has been full of traffic delays today - but reader Lorna has found a solution.

She says: "I couldn't get the car out so out came this lil beaut! I can't deny - I had a little grin when overtaking all the stuck and abandoned cars."



Emily's horse, Murphy thought the snow was loads of fun. She says: "Here's Murphy smiling for the snow today!"



Elsewhere, other horses were taking to the snow with gusto. Here's Helen's horse who decided to get up-close-and-personal with a drift. 



However, it's fair to say that not everyone was so keen. Kate's husband's Irish Draught wasn't best pleased at the arrival of a blizzard. 



Rain might stop play at Wimbledon, but when did a bit of snow ever stop us horse riders, 'ey Anna?

She says: "Can’t ride today, so made a snow version of my own!" 

Anna Hales.jpg

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