Watch: World Horse Welfare dramatic rescue of pregnant mare

A horse that had become trapped in a water-filled ditch had a lucky escape earlier this month.

The mare had become trapped in the icy water (Pic: World Horse Welfare)

The mare had become trapped in the icy water (Pic: World Horse Welfare)

The mare, who is also pregnant, fell and became trapped in the ditch near Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Luckily, World Horse Welfare Field Officer Chris Shaw and RSPCA Inpector Underwood were on hand to help. 

Chris and Polly were making routine checks on a group of horses when they noticed the group looking in the direction of a nearby ditch.

On closer inspection, they found a heavily pregnant mare stuck chest high in a ditch filled with water.

Chris said: “The poor mare was struggling to move and appeared to have been trapped for some time in the icy cold water as she was shivering and clearly very distressed.

"We called the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service for assistance and they arrived swiftly, plus a vet from local practice, Swanspool Vets, came out to assist.

 “We were eventually able to pull the mare out and begin the process of drying her off and helping warm her up. Her temperature had plummeted to 34 degrees so it was imperative that we work quickly and thankfully Polly from the RSPCA had a bundle of bed sheets and towels in her car which were on their way to the charity shop!

“The vet treated her with antibiotics, multivitamins and painkillers and we were able to feed her some hay which is another way to help raise her temperature.

"Her owner arrived soon after and transported the mare to a safe, warm stable for the night where she could recover. I then visited her the next day and she was doing really well.

“This was a great example of team working with a successful result. If it wasn’t for everyone’s quick response and fast actions then this mare may not have made it but thankfully it is a happy ending for everyone involved.”

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