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To recognise the valuable contribution supporters make to the world of endurance a new Supporters category has been launched. 

This new initiative encourages non-riders, who are involved in endurance at all levels, to register and become a Supporter.  This new category has been created for support crews, officials, volunteers, riders not competing due to injury or other reasons, and parents so they feel part of endurance.

It won't cost you anything to register as a Supporter, and once you've signed up you'll receive an e-version of the Endurance GB magazine and two free affiliated ride entries under the Try Before You Buy scheme. 

The Board of Endurance GB hopes that the new Supporter registration will give them a clearer picture of who's involved in the sport of endurance riding. It also recognises that at a competition there are lots of people involved, not just the riders and their horses. 

"Launching a new category for Supporters will aid Endurance GB's mission to become a more inclusive society and is a significant step forward in terms of tracking participation;" said John Hudson, Chairman of Endurance GB.  "The new category will also enable us to better understand who the volunteers are in our sport and recognise their contribution which makes the sport what it is today."

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