Summer Solutions with Vitamunch

On the hoof

Competition days can often mean an early start and lots of hanging around, so don’t get caught out without having a five pack of munch on board your lorry or trailer. 

Whether you're competing, out for a lesson, clinic or at a camp, Munch Blocks are ideal because they're a handy, tasty nutritional fibre snack to feed your horse when you're out and about. 

Munch Blocks come in airtight individual packs that keep them fresh for over a year and also means there's no mess in the lorry or trailer.

Hiding away from the flies

When flies are at their worst, many horse owners choose to take their horses off the grass and keep them stable just to give them a break from the flies and midges.

Having enjoyed fresh grass, the horses aren't interested in last year’s hay so it’s a real dilemma as to what to give them while they're standing in. 

Hanging a Munch Block in a Munch Net will keep your horse occupied and give them hours of nibbling time.

Portion control for the Fatties

With the spring and summer grass at its richest, it can be a real challenge to keep weight off good doers. 

Many owners are forced to take their horses and ponies in for considerable periods of time or consign them to the starvation paddock. 

Equine Nutritional expert, Ruth Bishop, says that even in the case of the overweight horse or pony, it's vital that they continue to be ‘trickle fed’ so that they have something in their digestive systems.

Long periods without fibre can lead to not only physical problems such as ulcers, but also psychological problems where vices such as cribbing may develop.

Getting Ready for Show Time

When preparing for a show, bathing and brushing can be a stressful and unpleasant battle.

Feeding a Munch Block is a great way to keep your horse or pony occupied while you're plaiting up, washing, grooming and trimming. After all, there's nothing worse than a fidgeting horse!

A Bad Traveller?

Try feeding a Calmmunch on your lorry or trailer. It has a two-fold approach to settling nerves - its magnesium and B6 enriched formula combined with calming herbs of chamomile, hops and vervain helps to calm, while its great taste makes it the perfect distraction.


High fibre, low sugar, BIG ON TASTE

High fibre, low sugar, BIG ON TASTE

Munch Blocks are a unique healthy, high fibre, low calorie, low sugar, cereal-free snack, made from quality Timothy grass and enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, together with added horse-favourite herbs.

Perfect for competition days, as an in between meal snack, reward or boredom breaker or for times when your horses needs extra support. 

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