Petition urging government to recognise strangles launched

A petition has been launched, urging the government to recognise strangles as a notifiable disease.

Notifiable diseases are animal diseases that you’re legally obliged report to the Animal and Plant Health Agency if you suspect that an animal may be affected.

Currently, you’re not legally obliged to report strangles if you suspect that a horse may be affected.

Critics claim that this means far too many equine communities can hide the fact that an outbreak has occurred at their yard, putting horses at risk.

John Jones, from Herefordshire, launched the petition after an outbreak occurred at a yard near him.

Speaking to Your Horse, he said: “Strangles is a nasty disease and if I had strangles on my yard I would let everybody know.

“There’s no reason to be ashamed of having strangles -  it’s not your fault, but you could stop others getting it.

“Some yards wouldn't know what to do if they had strangles. For example, how to keep it contained or what sort of disinfectant to use, so if strangles became a notifiable disease, this information would be automatically handed out.”

The petition follows research by Redwings that found there was a lack of strangles screening at UK livery yards, despite the fact that a majority of horse owners would welcome a testing policy for new arrivals.

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