Check out the Mitsubishi Motors Cup course online

Excitement is growing as competitors gear up for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup – a key fixture in the British Eventing calender, now held at Badminton each year.  

Sophie Hall competing her horse Gus at the 2016 Mitsubishi Motors Cup

Sophie Hall competing her horse Gus at the 2016 Mitsubishi Motors Cup

CrossCountry App have announced the digital interactive maps for the 2017 BE90 and BE100 Mitsubishi Motors Cup cross-country courses are now available for all to view online.

At this stage, the fences are in their final combinations and position, giving competitors and supporters their first sight of what will be awaiting them on the competition’s cross country day, Wednesday 3rd May 2017.

Audio notes from course designer James Willis will be included and photos updated once all fences on both courses have been flagged and dressed.

Mitsubishi Motors UK Ambassador Emily King will also provide audio on Monday 1st May to create a virtual guided course walk.

This will be invaluable for riders at this year’s competition as well as providing inspiration for those aiming for the competition in the future.

Badminton Event Director, Hugh Thomas says: “In addition to each Mitsubishi Motors Cup competitors’ training and fitness work, having access to an interactive version of the course plays an important role in helping riders feel as prepared as possible for what will be the biggest competition in many of their eventing careers.”

The 2017 digital course maps are available to view on PC, Smartphone and Tablets at

Ahead of the event, CrossCountry App users can download the 2017 course maps free of charge to their iPhone and iPads to view extra features offline.

Announcements will be made via the Mitsubishi Motors Cup dedicated website and social media channels when the courses with final photographs and audio are available prior to the event.

The official hashtag for this competition is #MMCup.

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