New equestrian novel hits the shops

A best-selling author has launched herself onto the equestrian fiction market with her latest book.

Ruth with her latest novel Chances

Ruth with her latest novel Chances

Ruth Saberton, from Cornwall, has channelled her lifelong passion of horses into her work and penned her novel ‘CHANCES'.

Aimed at readers aged 12 and over, ‘CHANCES’ follows the story of Amber, a 15-year old girl who has grown up on a tough estate. Being unable to afford riding lessons after her father leaves the family home, Amber has accepted that her love of horses will never be anything more than a dream. 

But when Amber's mother is admitted into hospital, life takes an unexpected turn for the teen. Being picked up by her social worker, Amber is plucked from her life on the estate and placed in the countryside with a foster family.

Despite her best efforts to behave badly in a bid to get sent back home, Amber has a chance encounter with Drake Owen, the famous eventing star who happens to work next door. The arrival of a spirited Arab a few days later makes Amber realise how keen she is to get back in the saddle after all.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of Chances will go to local and national charities, including Devon Farms for Children and the Emile Faurie Foundation. 

Speaking to Your Horse, author Ruth said: "I’ve always wanted to write a pony book and in many ways CHANCES is a coming together of all the stories I used to write in my school exercise books.

"It’s more than that too, because I’ve come to the story as an adult and with all my experience as a teacher and in Child Protection behind me - as well as my passion for horses. I wanted CHANCES to be a voice for young people like Amber who face challenges that make their lives harder than many of us can imagine and my aim was to show how horses teach us so much and give so much in return for the time.

"They don’t judge us or expect anything from us and this is why, through her horse Chances, Amber learns how to handle the challenges she faces and finds that her future is brighter than she ever imagined. I really hope there’s something here for everyone."

To order a copy of the book, click HERE.

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