Natural horse and pony treat relaunched

A horse and pony treat made from natural ingredients has been relaunched.

Naglets, a treat made with no artificial ingredients, is the brainchild of Janey Johnson. She first began baking the treats in her kitchen at home for her own horse, Rupert, and interest in her baking from other horse owners steadily grew.

After a career break of a few years, Janey has relaunched her company with a new range of treats and will be adding special varieties each month to suit the seasons.

Speaking about her treats, Janey said: “I wanted to spoil my four-legged friend with a treat that was healthy, tasty and contained no artificial ingredients.  

“I wanted a truly healthy alternative with real fruits or vegetables, not artificial flavours.  My gorgeous Rupert was very happy to be my equine guinea pig.

“Naglets are made from base ingredients of ground limestone (calcium), rock salt, vegetable oil and binding agent of flour, plus natural unmolassed chaff/hay.

“I use fresh fruit or vegetables (no flavourings!) together with healthy herbs or spices such as rosemary, linseed, turmeric, mint, liquorice and seaweed.”

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