15 Mountain and Moorland Qualifiers head to Your horse Live

The SEIB Mountain and Moorland Search for a Star Qualifiers are now over, and we now have 15 fab horse and rider combinations heading to Your Horse Live in November to battle it out for top spot. Qualifiers were held at venues across the UK and the there was a fantastic turnout for each one - competition was stiff that’s for sure. But the judges had a keen eye and picked the top three from each venue to go through to the final. We wanted you to meet them - choose your favorite, get yourself along to Your Horse Live on the 9th of November and cheer them on!
Here they are, left to right, top to bottom. Ella Smith on Gobell Idwal; Philappa Dawson-Coates on Westwick Sam; Megan White on Thunderbolt Bairy Robin Bambi; Emma Stanton on Buckland Romantic, Katie Vickery on Maicon Funambule; Kirstie Hinton on Lowhouses Chesney; Abigail Walton on Corstan Rhianna; Alicia Gee on Eastlands Banker; Chantelle Chapman on Greenholme Falcon; Charlotte Marshall on Pentrefelin Ladykiller; Hanna Garner on Winwood Tigers Eye; Karen Badrick on Sheir Whiskey; Lara Kemp on Buttslawn Merlin; Molly Broadley on Dexter of Rocklea and Rebecca Giles on Lochan Beag Rogaire.
Good luck everyone!

Photo credit: SMR Photos.

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