Mare found stuck under trailer gives birth to foal

Last year, HorseWorld were called to assist the Police and Fire Service in the rescue of a mare found stuck under a trailer in an industrial area of Avonmouth, Bristol.

She'd been there for some time and was clearly in pain and distress.

After being assessed by a vet, the horse was deemed healthy enough to be sedated to enable fire-fighters to pull her out from under the trailer.

Using straps, a drag board and specialised rescue equipment the mare was freed and taken back to HorseWorld where she was named Minty. 

No owner ever came forward for Minty, but it was apparent that she'd received some harsh treatment in the months leading up to her rescue and was covered in injuries.

Her mouth had cuts in the corners as though a bit (the metal mouthpiece of a bridle) had been pulled tightly for a prolonged period. Her back was extremely sore and it's thought a training roller or saddle pad had been left on in all winds and weathers. She'd obviously been subject to some very brutal and painful training techniques.

Minty was found stuck under a trailer when she was six months pregnant

Minty was found stuck under a trailer when she was six months pregnant

Thankfully, Minty made a full recovery and despite her past, is very trusting and sweet-natured, but Minty was yet to surprise everyone. On 20th February 2017, Minty gave birth to a healthy filly foal!  

This means that at the time of her rescue, Minty was six months pregnant. The ordeal doesn’t appear to have had any ill-effect on her foal, who was born during the night with no problems.

“We suspect that this is Minty’s first foal as she was not very maternal to begin with and seemed a little daunted by it all,” said HorseWorld Groom, Joanne Vaughan. “Thankfully, Minty’s friend Beebie stepped up to help and is accompanying the pair as Nanny. 

“We are now running a competition to name Minty's foal. Entry is £2 per name which will go towards the on-going care of the rescued horses.  You can enter as many times as you like.

“You can enter using Paypal at and write your suggested name in the comments box when you send your payment. Or, call 01275 893020 and suggest a name (or names) and pay with a card over the phone.

"Our phones are manned Monday to Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm. The closing date for this competition is Sunday 26th March (Mother’s Day) at 11.59pm. Alternatively, you can send your entry by post accompanied by a cheque made out to HorseWorld. Our address is HorseWorld, Delmar Hall, Staunton Lane, Whitchurch, Bristol BS14 0QL. ”

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