Join an Awareness Ride for road safety

The petition to Pass Wide and Slow has gathered over 100,000 signatures (online and paper) and the campaign is now planning Awareness Rides all across the UK

Horses are easily scared by cars that don’t take care when passing them and the roads are becoming busier and faster. Tractors are getting bigger all the time and generally, the roads are getting more and more dangerous for keen hackers.

More than 4,000 horse riders and carriage drivers were admitted to hospital between April 1 2011 and March 31 2012 from injury in a transport accident.

The Pass Ride and Slow campaign wants to pass a law that requires drivers to do just that - pass ride and slow. 

The campaign is now trying to organise Awareness Rides across the country to bring attention to the petition. 

Pass Wide and Slow Wales was an initiative started by a group of riders from the Vale of Glamorgan.

Jocelle Lovell, Matt and Ulrike Smalley, Rachel Francis and Angela Baker are all passionate horse owners who enjoy hacking in their local area. 

They set up Pass Wide and Slow Wales to petition to Welsh Government for an annual road safety campaign to educate all road users how to pass horses and riders safely, as well as the dangers and consequences of not doing so.

Anyone can join in the Awarness Rides that they've set up around the UK and it's a great opportunity to show your dedication to bringing attention to the campaign and help keep horses and riders safe on the roads.

Welsh riders can join an Awareness Ride going on in the Vale of Glamorgan next week and for other Awareness rides around the UK, click here

Just remember your high-vis!