Horse rider takes on 10 challenges for the RDA (including skydiving!)

Alex has already completed six challenges 

Alex has already completed six challenges 

A volunteer for the RDA is taking on 10 huge challenges this year to raise funds for her local group.

Alex Sullivan, who volunteers for the Rawreth RDA Group, has already completed six of the challenges, which so far have included a half marathon, triathlon, a London to Brighton bike ride and a skydiving course.

Alex’s next two challenges are the Spartan BEAST Race on the 30th September, followed by a 55-mile bike ride the very next day.

The Spartan race will see Alex tackle a 15-mile assault course with 35 obstacles, some of which will include fire.

So far, the hard-working volunteer has raised £585 for her group and is hoping to organise a charity ball when she reaches the end of her 10 challenges.

Speaking about why she decided to take on the challenges, Alex said: “I started volunteering at Rawreth RDA Group 10 years ago at the age of 14. My riding school ran RDA classes three days a week and my riding instructor asked me if I'd help out on a Saturday morning, 10 years later and I’m still a volunteer and now committee member for the Rawreth RDA group. 


“Learning to ride not only brings our riders enormous joy, but also has many physical and emotional benefits for individuals with a wide range of disabilities. The challenges some riders and their families overcome on a daily basis is truly inspiring and the wonderful horses we get to work with are without doubt worth their weight in gold.

“I’ve stayed involved with the work of RDA over the years because I truly enjoy being able to watch our riders overcome obstacles, learn and improve, but most of all, fall in love with horses. I'm doing these 10 challenges to ensure that this continues!   

“Learning to skydive has been by far the best. It's so unlike anything I've ever done before and was truly an emotional rollercoaster. I had to dig deep both physically and emotionally at times throughout the week, but the feeling you get when flying through the sky is second to none, there's no rush like it!"

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