Horse owner launches petition for more road safety TV adverts


A horse owner has launched a petition online, calling for more adverts to be funded and featured on television that raise awareness of how to pass horses safely on the roads.

Hayley Jones, who lives in south Wales with her daughter, Aurora, started the petition after she noticed an increasing amount of traffic passing her and her horse, Zara, too close or too fast.

She has since started to wear a hatcam while out hacking and has noticed a change in attitudes from doing so, but says more needs to be done.

Hayley says: “Cars would speed towards me and, once noticing the headcam, slow right down, turn off their engines and give me a wide space.

“It only made me more upset for the riders that don’t wear a camera. Other roads users don’t realise that we don’t want to be out on the roads, but very often we have no choice.

“We need to educate other road users for the now and the next generation of horses and riders and their safety.”

The move follows campaigning by several groups this year to make other road users more aware of their behaviour around horses, including the Canewdon Equestrians, who appeared on the BBC Breakfast show earlier in the year alongside Alan Hiscox from the BHS. 

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