Horse Health Week seeks to educate and inform


Running this week, from 25 to 29 March 2019, Horse Heath Week’s main focus is on helping horse owners and giving them a greater understanding of infection risk to their horses. 

‘Infectious disease; Why take the risk?'

The recent influenza outbreaks serve as a timely reminder that unvaccinated horses are at risk of serious disease and that immunity doesn’t last a lifetime.  

This week will be raising awareness of how exposed Britain’s horses are to infectious diseases and how appropriate vaccination and biosecurity can help reduce this risk. 

Competition time

Every day there is a chance to win a Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy saddlecloth. Simply complete the daily competition on the KBHH website, centred around different life stages, infectious disease risks and prevention. 

As part of the campaign, vets, owners and yards are being encouraged to consider preventative healthcare best practice and compliance.

An online risk assessment tool and a number of downloadable information leaflets have been made available, and can be accessed for free. 

Vicki Farr, Equine Veterinary Advisor at MSD Animal Health said: “Our focus is on engaging owners and yards on understanding the risk of disease for their horse.” 

What's your risk?

Do you know your risk when it comes to infectious diseases?

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Use the handy pullout in our latest issue to assess the risk to your horse, available here.


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