Horse dies after being thrown out of trailer


A young horse has died after being thrown out of a trailer on a road in Nottinghamshire. 

A passer-by saw the driver ‘speed off’ and called for help but the filly, named Brave Valentine by rescuers, died within a day.

Janice Dixon, a vet at Help for Horses, was called out to help Brave Valentine in Ricketts Lane, near the village of Blidworth, but said when she arrived the horse was nothing but “leather skin on a skeleton”. 

According to witnesses, it took eight people to help the filly stand and get into the trailer. The next day she died of a suspected stomach disease.

Janice said: “She'd obviously been ill for some time, I'm guessing they thought she didn't have long to live and rather than pay for her to be disposed of professionally and in a manner that is deserving, it was easier to dump her by the side of the road. 

"It would have cost between £150 and £250 to do it properly."

Bubble and Squeak are recovering at Help for Horses

Bubble and Squeak are recovering at Help for Horses

Four horses dumped in four days

Brave Valentine was one of four horses found dumped in Nottinghamshire in four days – another horse was found dead in a lay-by and two emaciated foals dumped within 30km on the side of a road.

Police believe the same van and trailer may have been used in each case and are trying to track down the owner.

The two foals, now named Bubble and Squeak, are recovering with the charity Help for Horses.

The police are appealing to any motorists that may have dash cam footage and for residents to check their own CCTV cameras for any footage showing a van towing what has been described as a livestock trailer in or around Collingham in Newark, where the two foals were dumped.

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