Horse charity to rehome unbacked project horses

Redwings Noah, a 13.2hh, three-year-old cob cross

Redwings Noah, a 13.2hh, three-year-old cob cross

Redwings is expanding its rehoming scheme to include unbacked project horses.

Redwings currently rehomes rescued equines as ridden or companion horses and ponies. The move will see unbacked horses be rehomed to continue their training. 

Two rescued ponies have been chosen to launch this new element of Redwings' Guardianship Scheme - 13.2hh, three-year-old cob cross Noah and 14.2hh, two-year-old cob Roxanne.

Noah was born at Redwings after his mum was one of hundreds of horses rescued from South Wales after being found stranded in deep mud without any food and suffering from malnutrition and worm damage.

Roxanne was rescued when she and 14 other horses were found running loose on the roads of a housing estate in Belfast having been abandoned.

Both ponies have shown such a love for human interaction and motivation for their basic training that they have been deemed the perfect ponies to be rehomed as unbacked projects. 

Horses, like Roxanne and Noah, who have been assessed as suitable for the scheme, will be trained in the basics by Redwings rehoming team.

They'll be brought to the stage where they can be caught and lead, and where they are happy to stand, be groomed and have their feet picked up to ensure that their care needs can be met.

Their new guardian will be responsible for their ongoing education, so the sanctuary will be looking for homes that have experience of backing or bringing on inexperienced horses. 

Rachel Angell, Redwings’ Operations and Rehoming Manager, said: “With the upcoming expansion of the Redwings Guardianship Scheme to include a rehoming centre at Redwings Oxhill in Warwickshire, we feel the time is right to begin to rehome our project horses. 

Redwings Roxane, a 14.2hh, two-year-old cob

Redwings Roxane, a 14.2hh, two-year-old cob

“Even with this expansion, we only have the resources to be able to train a certain number of horses ourselves, but by rehoming unbacked project horses we will be able to give so many more the chance to live a fulfilling life outside the sanctuary.

"Indeed we have the potential to rehome over 500 horses currently living in the sanctuary who have been identified as future potential candidates as unbacked project horses.  

“This is of huge importance to us as a charity as it will enable us to create more space to rescue those horses who desperately need our help.

"By rehoming an unbacked project horse, guardians will get the rewarding experience of not only bringing on a horse of their own, but also knowing they have helped give rescued horses like Noah and Roxanne the loving home they deserve and allowing us to continue our vital frontline welfare work.”

To find out more about rehoming a Redwings rescue horse or pony, visit

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