First rider completes #Hack1000miles challenge!

Phew - that was a lot of hacking! 

Phew - that was a lot of hacking! 

The first horse and rider pair have officially finished the Your Horse #Hack1000miles challenge!

Karen Polmear, who lives in West Cumbria, took on the challenge with her charge, Swift, in April last year and officially went past the 1000-mile post earlier this month.

Karen, who’s now retired but formerly worked as a scientist, hadn’t expected to finish the challenge so soon. She'd initially set herself a target to ride 17 miles a week, but this soon snowballed and her and Swift were often seen getting in more than 26 miles a week.

Swift, a former ex-racehorse who belongs to and was bred by a friend of Karen’s, has grown in confidence since starting the #Hack1000miles challenge. According to Karen, he’s taken everything in his stride and there’s now little that can faze him.

Karen says: “A lot of the riding is on unmade roads and there’s little traffic. We do a bit of roadwork, but the roads are mainly quite quiet.

“It hasn’t been without its challenges – one time we got stuck in a bog. Swift managed to pull us both out. Somehow I stayed on, but he was covered in mud. He’s been a bit wary of bogs ever since, but I can’t blame him!

“When I took him on, he hadn’t been ridden for a year and hadn’t really done much. You spend so much time on board that you have to get through any challenges together. It helps to build confidence in both of you.”

The #Hack1000miles challenge was launched by Your Horse magazine last spring and has seen scores of horses and riders all over the UK get back into the great outdoors and clocking up some miles outside of the school.  

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If you’re already taking on the challenge, why not join our official #Hack1000miles Facebook group and meet others who are riding towards their 1000 miles.

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