Celebrate your horse on the first ever world horse appreciation day

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Friday 16 November 2018 is the first ever World Horse Appreciation Day. where horse lovers around the world get the chance to celebrate their horses — and raise money for charity at the same time.

The idea is the brainchild of mother and daughter entrepreneurs Liz and Rebecca Ellis who live in South Wales. The pair have recently launched a unique equestrian social media platform and have teamed up with Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) as their nominated charity.

“Throughout history horses have played the most massive part in all aspects of our lives,” commented Liz. “Farming, mining, communications, the pony express and mail by stagecoach, transport, warfare, sport, rehabilitation - the list is almost endless.

“These fantastic animals give countless pleasure to millions of people. They are gentle, loving and loyal. We felt it was only right that their contribution to societies around the world should be recognised with an international day and that a positive action would be to raise money for horse related charities.”

She went on: “Here in the UK we are suggesting that people could raise money for RDA, a charity who do such wonderful work.

“We’d love to see horse owners getting behind this and finding innovative ways to raise funds – and we’d love them to tell us so that we can share their ideas.”

Sal Atkinson, Head of Fundraising at RDA said “We are thrilled to be the chosen charity of this new and exciting online resource and to be associated with the first ever World Horse Appreciation Day.

“RDA relies on voluntary donations and support such as this to provide life changing therapy through horses to thousands of disabled people in the UK and we are looking forward to working with Liz and Rebecca.”

Liz and Rebecca have just launched a free online social media platform for horses that is unique in that it is about the horses – not the owners.

The website, www.digitalhorse.co.uk  will be a site where owners can create profiles of their horses and share their lives with others.

They will be able to talk about day-to-day activities, competition success, training, diets and anything else – as long as it is about the horses and not them.

There will also be a ‘stable’ area where owners can store a variety of information about their horses in one place.

Liz and Rebecca can be contacted at hello@digitalhorse.co.uk

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