Feed company launch unicorn feed balancer

A team of scientists have joined forces with Blue Chip Feed to develop a balancer, specifically tailored to the nutritional needs of unicorns.


Blue Chip Super Concentrated Unicorn Balancer is whole-cereal and molasses free and is designed to maintain optimal health in all unicorns, horses and ponies. 

Combining carefully formulated levels of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, along with a complete hoof and respiratory formula, it also provides a digestive supplement that includes both a probiotic and Nucleotides which aid nutrient absorption, recovery rates and immune response, ensuring your Unicorn has everything they require on a daily basis. 

Ideal for a sparkly coat and great horn growth, your unicorn will shine with great health and well-being.

Recent research into super concentrated balancers has shown that this provides an easy and cost-effective way to compliment a fibre-based diet and ensure that your unicorn receives correct levels of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Blue Chip Super Concentrated Unicorn Balancer comes in a beautiful rainbow 3kg tub and is so nutrient dense that a smaller unicorn or pony only require one scoop (50 grams) per day, meaning a tub will last approximately two months. 

An average sized unicorn or horse up to 16hh will need two scoops per day, lasting approximately one month, and larger Unicorn or horse over 16hh will need three scoops per day, utilising a tub in approximately three weeks, which offers fantastic value for money.

For more information visit www.bluechipfeed.com or call 0114 266 6200

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